Welcome to the online RPL for Access assessment portal. This portal is designed to aid you in your RPL for Access application at your chosen higher education institution. Before we begin, please ensure that you have not met the minimum requirements for access into your chosen course/study direction and that you are completing this process because you were directed to do so by the educational institution that you wish to study at. Everything that you complete as part of this application process will be used in support of your application. We aim to meet your needs and will support you through this journey. Take care to enter the correct information throughout in order for us to assist you as best as possible.

Before we begin, we need to ensure that this is indeed the right process for you. It is important for us to ensure that you understand what is expected from you and how we form part of this supportive process. We want to ensure transparency throughout and are here to assist where possible.

CLICK ON THE BUTTON TO START THE QUIZ. It is designed to see if you meet the minimum requirements for this process.